Our 2019 Class Appointee Luncheon will be held at the Russian Orthodox Church, Bethlehem, PA, please come and join us.

Air Force Academy Parents Association 2014 graduation video
Part 1
Part 2
This is the 56th graduating class of US Air Force 2nd Lieutenants.
God Bless our new 2nd Lieutenants, and God Bless America!

Southeastern PA Air Force Academy Parent's Association Meetings: 2015
All meeting at 1:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted

Meeting Date

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Meeting Location

April 11, 2015


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May 9, 2015


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June 13, 2015


2019 Class Appointee Luncheon

Russian Orthodox Church, Bethlehem, PA

July 11, 2015


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August 08, 2015


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SEPAFAPA Club Officers

Role Name
President Robin Allman
Vice President OPEN
Treasurer Phil Miller
Recording Secretary Sara Anderson
Facebook Secretary Ellen Kelley
All Academies Ball Pat Field
Rona Martin
Elaine Fiant
Parent to Parent Program Michelle McCubbins
Goodie Boxes Susan and Michael Daylida
Cadet Birthday Cards,
Class of ...

Elaine Turner – 2015

Pat Field – 2016

Christine Shenk 2017

Elaine Fiant 2018

Ways & Means Mary O’Sullivan
Webmaster OPEN

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2015/2016 Cadet Calendar


11-15 May 15             Finals

18 May 15                  Prep School Parade

18 – 21 May 15          First Class Household Goods, Baggage Processing and Shipment

19 May 15                    Prep School Graduation

22 May 15 2016          Ring Dance Dinner (Mitchell Hall 1730 – 2000)

22 May 15 2016          Ring Dance (Arnold Hall 2000 – 2100)

28 May 15 2015          Graduation

30 May 15                   1st Summer Session Begins

20 Jun 15                    1st Summer Session Ends

20 Jun 15                    2nd Summer Session Begins

25 Jun 15                    Class of 2019 In-Processes



USAFA Appointee Picic 2018 Photos
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2014 graduates

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